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I'm still alive. Just creepin' all the old high school blogs.

And LOLing about it all.


I'm actually quite sure, in rereading older entries, I've been exhibiting light periods of normalcy mixed with mania and depression. Since like... At least sophomore year? Idk. Researching still.

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Work work and work then DIE!

Welllllllllll, now. My first week of school and I have not only a SHIZZAH amount of homework, but I also have worked full time hours. Plus four hours over time. Making that forty-four hours AND schooling AND Alex-ing, so if I miss words, do forgive me please.

As I am tired, I will now inform you of my goings-on's concerning work:

I now make $10, perhaps more in the future, an hour.
I wake up at 3 to go in for 4. In the morning. Every morning.
I make the donuts occasionally.

I was called STUPID at work by a CUSTOMER. For being logical. LOLOLOLOLOL.

And my boss has threatened to not only FIRE anyone caught stealing from the store (which apparently I have been doing things she deems possible stealing threats since she talked to me, Mike AND Vitaly about it together) but put that person in JAIL.


I am NOT stressed. It's like, stress, stress, what stress? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

-blows up-




I got a new tattoo!!

It's Techno Kitty, from my sister's own artistic hand!!


I got a raise at work.

So I'm loaded now. [Just kidding!]
But srsly. Now I can help Alex get his dental work done since his insurance won't cover dental shizzigah.

I'm such a good girlfriend. I hope I'm his favorite forever because he's already mine.

Two-thousand-ate your face.

Happy 2008!!

Things to do this year:

1) Get a boyfriend. [optional]
2) GEt a job. [NOT optional]
3) Sign up for next semester. [TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY!]
4) Hang out with people I don't see very often. [Leaves a variety of choices]
5) Maybe kinda actually do my homework. ['Nuff said]
6) Turn 19 and not bitch about being odd. [numbered]
7) Play more guitar. [hero]


A few can be done quite soon.

The Concept of Nothing, Nobody, and Nowhere

Nothing is really rather an interesting something. My sister was discussing it with me the other day and she got me to realize that nothing, in fact, doesn't exist. Or at least on our plane of reality. Or in any plane, for that matter.

Take for example, the idea that a bum on the street is nothing. Actually, we just proved ourselves wrong. He is a bum on a street. Oh, in social terms, he is nothing to be proud of, but he is still something. Air is something. Though intangible unless some scientific happening occurs, it is still something.

The president isn't doing nothing about the war in Iraq. He simply is not doing anything productive. But he can never be doing nothing, because he will always be involved in some sort of action, such as sitting on his butt watching the Iraq war turn from worse to never going to get better.

So, in essence, wouldn't it make more sense to strive to find the meaning of nothing, than to strive to find the meaning of everything, anything and something? They can be defined. A book is something. You can be anything (career-wise. Technically, you are always a humanoid type creature.) And the universe contains everything.

So where does nothing fit in? Because no matter how much someone wants to prove to me they have nothing in their hand, I can just say you have air in your hand. If you die, you'd think you'd be nothing. But really, you just enter another state of something and that is corpse. So really, what is nothing and when will it be found? After death? Because, if there is another side, then really, you found the other side, not nothing.

So therefore, there is no such thing as nowhere either, is there? Because there is an everywhere, somewhere, anywhere. But since every place is a where, there is no such thing as nowhere.

This type of thinking will drive you nuts. I love it. I want to find nothing. But then if I find nothing, would that make it something and therefore my search was in vain?

Plus, that means that anyone who says they are a nobody is wrong and, in fact, always somebody. Maybe not a notable somebody, but never really nobody.

Oh the abstract concept.


I got fired. I'm unemployed.


It's so cool, I'm driving!!

Going to Salem, MA. YAY!!

And I have a new crush dude. BUT I DON'T WANT IT!! MAKEITGOAWAY!!


Other than that, I'm pretty fly for a white chick.


I love you all. In different ways, in different measures, but it all adds up to I love everyone and (almost) everything right now.

I've got some brothers in a band, new love interests in my eyes, a car, a semi-job (God, I need a real one...), money being saved up to go see COHEED AND CAMBRIA!! In August on teh Warped Tour. I have three people I consider my best friends forever (and if not forever, then a VERY VERY long time). I have a house, food (most of the time, ha ha ha...), words from my Muse inside forming and bubbling, ready to be set forth once they realize what form they want me to write them in.



I'm pretty content. And you can tell 'cause I don't think I used a single swear word. This is the truth and it's scary how I feel. I haven't felt this way in a long while.

Thank you all.

<3 x millions of infinite numbers!

fuckin myspace

has anyone else been having server problems when trying to log into myspace?

cuz if not, myspace fuckin hates me.